Shadow Fight 3 Hack – Best Way to Cheat – Gems and Coins for Android & Ios

Shadow Fight 3 Hack: Unusual Ways to  CHEAT Shadow Fight 3.

A quick search for Shadow Fight 3 Hack might yield troublesome. But before we begin exploring the idea of quick tool to achieve feats of gems and coins. We should realize the importance of learning the basics of shadow fight 3 from nekki. A true rendition of classical team fight battle melded into futuristic game play.

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shadow fight 3 wallpaper from playstore

shadow fight 3 wallpaper from playstore


Witness the fight between power and supremacy amongst three groups. These packs of individuals are classified as, Heralds, Legion and Dynasty followers. The powerful source unleashed ages ago from the gates of shadows are up for grabs. The power source has now been available for harnessing. Different purposes are mandated by each groups. The Heralds aim to cultivate and discover the deepest secret of the might power source. On the other hand, Legion tribe wants to impose their militaristic will on the stone. Thus further destroying it to pieces! Whilst the dynasty group wants to utilize the ultimate power source for greed and power!


Create your own hero of choice. Meddle with new weapons as you progress through out the game. Discover new hidden abilities and skills. Moreover, use combos and discover new techniques in completing stages. Influence end situations and discover multiple endings on a story line!


Bored with the story-line? Fear not for if you complete the story mode you are still in for the chase for greatness! Complete sets of gears and skills. Explore and climb the leader board and be among the top 100.


Being able to Hack Shadow fight 3 without any mods or apks makes it more fun and thrilling. Mastering the combos and gaining unique skills sets the tone for success.  Learning the ropes to gain more resources such as gems and coins is quite essential. So, without further ado , let’s check out our handy guide similar to a Shadow Fight 3 Hack below.

    1. Fight with spontaneity

      Whilst the urge to randomly press the buttons to create moves draws near every fight. You need to watch your steps for this is not a mere game which you can win my sheer randomness in fighting. What I really mean is you need to calculate every move and weave out attacks in successive phases. You can’t just opt for single blows. Let alone, the mere monotonous style of fighting won’t go too far. Weaving out successive attacks via combos would certainly bring you victory.  You can parry hits once in a while. You can achieve this by standing still. However doing a counter-offensive after an enemy miscalculates an attack is the way to go! Dodging attacks by doing a left to right motion is also viable. However there is a higher chance to get hit as the enemies tend to become more difficult as the stage progresses. A variety of moves are presented below taken from imgur. Be sure to check out these and create your very own string of combos.

shadowfight combo from nekki

shadowfight combo from nekki imgur

  1. Unleash the shadows

    Unleash shadow fighter via successive blows landed or missed. Shadow fighter mode is usable once you fill-up a bar visible on the screen. Where is the shadow mode bar? It just right below your hp bar.  Shadow fighter mode is a special mode in which your character dives into the realms of shadows and becomes pitch black. Furthermore, you can launch a variety of higher damage attacks on your enemy. And the ever predictable quicker motions when the mode is activated thus rendering you to launch deadlier combos in the process. Bare in mind though that it expires too. An even nicer bonus is you get health point regeneration while it’s activated. Also, shadow fighter mode gets unleashed when you’re below your health points.

  2. Equipment Upgrades

    Usually upgrading your equipment outlasts your characters enemies in battle. So it’s quite essential to learn to upgrade. How can you do this? You opt to upgrade via cards obtained from either campaign mode, duels, side events and chests. As you acquire more cards you often get shadow energy which will usually be useful for upgrading. Cards are the most basic of necessities in shadow fight 3. So, in that essence, let’s expand more on the sources of cards. Engaging in duel mode grants you chests which wounds you up with cards. Duel mode grants you coins along the way as you emerge victorious. Another thing is, the shadow fight in-game store. This very store in shadow fight allows you to stack up cards via coin purchase. Purchase the extra special legions packs via crystals or coins purchase and unleash variety of cards or rewards.

  3. Time is of the Essence

    First off, being ahead of other players would require being time-centered. This applies specially with in-game shadow fight 3 battles. There is an allotted time which is ninety-nine seconds every battle. You might want to end these rounds as quick as possible. Refer to the guide above for moves list. Defeat is upon you if you failed to finish you agenda in time. That is, obliterating your enemy up to the last health point!

    Secondly,  set your timers to a four hour interval to receive free cards/rewards in the process.  Thirdly, stack up those cards and combine them after you have horded a substantial amount. This ensures you have more time to decide which equipment you might want to level-up.

shadow fight 3 hack proof

More tips for Shadow fight 3 Gamers

  • You can likewise earn crystals and coins via campaign mode, side events, duels,
  • Buy long range weapons and in turn give you nekki will give you free upgrades at the end of each season.
  • Duels tend to get more difficult at times so prepare your character.

And that’s the WRAP!Summing it up…

Shadow fight 3 game play sure is a tad complicated. Getting a hand on one of those Shadow Fight 3 Hack might be useful sometimes. In the end be wary of these mods and apk for android or ios, for they might contain undesired software. Additionally do enjoy our shadow fight 3 hack guide.


This Shadow Fight 3 article is a satire content which aims entertain Shadow Fight 3 players which are bored with their daily Shadow Fight 3 grind. These tools are for educational purposes only support the Shadow Fight 3 game developers. Feel free to try the presented Gems and Coins Giveaway below!..


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