Marvel Contest Of Champions Hack – Best Way to Cheat – gold, units, iso-8 for Android & Ios

Marvel Contest Of Champions Hack: A Breakthrough Guide to Cheat Marvel Contest of Champions

A one of a kind game in which awakens the hero within you. Marvel Contest of champions , showcases a variety of your favorite super heroes. These might include the famous super heroes included in the marvel franchise such as, Spiderman,  Thor, Iron Man and many more!

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Endless Brawl

Having access to a myriad of super heroes or champions as they might call in-game excites anyone both children and adults alike. But what makes it more exciting is the ability to battle it out with not just super heroes but also with the likes of Thanos, Venom or even Ultron. Super heroes vs villains or even villains vs villains. You can choose to battle it out with any champions.  Uncover other hidden champions and utilize them as well.

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Team up and Fight

The joy of one versus one fight is an exciting feat in marvel contest of champions. However, the ability to suit-up and join an alliance with other villains or protagonists is on another level. Finish quests and unlock classic locations with a team or a partner champion. Form your very own team of champions and brawl it out with an equal number of champions as well.

MARVEL CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS HACK: High Level Tips, Cheats and Tricks:

Marvel contest of champions excites every marvel fan and teases non-fans with its enticing game-play. As anyone who progresses through this game. Collecting and unlocking champions. Finishing quests and uncovering paradigm locations. One, can fathom that there would be easier or quicker ways to accomplish such task or a way to cheat marvel contest of champions which might apply to android or ios devices. We at topviphack are proud to present you some tips and a short guide to give you an impeccable gaming experience with marvel contest of champions.

1.Save Em Up 

There are a couple of in-game items or currency which you might want to save. Saving also means efficiency and time not wasted on your part.

  • Units – with these you can opt to buy premium crystals which give you 2-star/3-star/4-star champions.
  • Health – How do you do this? You simply need to learn to develop your blocking or dodging skills in-game. By doing so, you save up on potion or health reviving items. These health reviving items could later be used on harder levels/missions or quests.

2.Complete Quests

Completing quests will grant you a selection of rewards. One of which are Iso-8 which can level up your champions and make them more powerful. A quick note is that quests could either be story mode or event mode. One thing to remember is some of these quests could entire be muti-staged. Which means that you must go through a couple of extra stages to complete the quest. Otherwise, greater rewards are up for grabs with the level of difficulty increased.

3. Upgrade Your Heroes Selection

Collecting heroes is fun but cherry picking the viable ones is much more efficient. There is a hierarchy of champions in which you can gauge how powerful they are. It is by their stars, 1-star,2-stars,3-stars and 4-star champions. By now, I think you can give an educated guess that each star precedes a higher-powered champion.

You start gaining 2-star champions by default via premium crystals. Premium crystals as you know are gained via units these type of crystals also randomly gives 3-star or if you are feeling lucky 4-star champions. You need to upgrade or level your champions selection as time passes by. Stronger missions and quests would serve as roadblocks if you don’t make your heroes stronger.

4. Familiarity is Key

Familiarizing yourself with several things in contest of champions might save your butt along the way.  In a Nutshell there are three things you need to familiarize to get a head onto the game. And without further ado,


attacks are divided into six parts (light/medium/heavy/special/block).  Heavy type attack among which is the slowest but wreaks the most damage. Special is charged while fighting and you can unleash it just as the gauge is full. Blocks halves the incoming damage from an opponent.


There are lots of crystals that could be discovered in marvel contest of champions but let’s examine the useful ones. four hour(4-hour) crystals which regenerate health points for your champions. 24-hour(twenty-four hour) crystals which rewards you with two-star champions or higher tier champions.  Premium hero crystals which as mentioned give away 2-star champions in its default state. A luxury crystal would be the “uncollected arena crystals” which gives out rare punisher champion.


there are different classes which you would love to know. These are Skill,  Science, Mystic, Cosmic, Tech and Mutant.  Class bonus takes effect in-game which gives you edge or mismatch over your opponents. This could also be called weakness over class and here it is as follows: Mutant > Skill > Science > Mystic > Cosmic > Tech > Mutant.

At times, you could rely on the handy guide above if ever you are in a predicament such as running low on health recuperating potions. Having knowledge with champions’ weakness and strengths would be an advantage.

marvel contest of champions hack proof

marvel contest of champions hack proof

And You Reached the End

While your search for Marvel contest of champions hack ends here. We do provide a viable guide for future reference please leave a bookmark or even share this page to aspiring marvel contest of champions elites.

Whilst in the future we will certainly update this thread for a viable tool such as a marvel contest of champions hack apk might be in the works.


This Marvel Contest of Champions article is a satire content which aims entertain Marvel Contest of Champions players which are bored with their daily Marvel Contest of Champions grind. These tools are for educational purposes only support the Marvel Contest of Champions game developers. Feel free to try the presented gold, units, iso-8 giveaway below!..




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