Island Experiment Hack – Best Way to Cheat – Gems and Coins for Android & Ios

Island Experiment Hack: An interesting Guide to Cheat Island Experiment

Trapped in an Island two kids find a way to thrive in it. Island experiment  by nexters global present a castaway experience on android and ios like no other. Being lonesome on an island is difficult you need develop your survival tactics to live each day. Thrive in-game by using our Island Experiment Hack Guide.

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Island Experiment Features

There are tons of unusual activities that you can do on the island.  One of which  is cave exploration, you can wonder around caves and discover hidden treasures. Plant crops and discover viable fields to replicate your crops! Uncover illegal activities in the island and expose the antagonists.  Participate in quests unlock new mysteries of the island!

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How to Hack Island Experiment: Ultimate Guide – Tips and Tricks for Starters

Island experiment is genuinely categorized as a building game added with the island domination twist. Before you go on and  become an island king, you must be aware of the some tips presented below. You might opt to want a working Island experiment hack after reading the tips below:

  1. Concentrate on Making Food and Crops

    Energy is the main source in which you get to complete tasks or quests in the island. It’s almost mandatory to put all your efforts onto food and crops proliferation. Hasten your food production via upgrades and widen your plantation as you get through the later parts of the game. Your workers will do the hard work and plant for you. Your only job is to command them to plant on patches and wait for the harvest!

  2. Upgrade your Structures Quick

    Some of the structures such as the wooden house produce gold coins. Maxing these wooden houses first would be optimal. However, I would opt to level these wooden houses to level three first and then proceed to other gold coin producing structures. One of which, is the research station and creepy megusta idol. Upgrading these will help you acquire more gold coins to purchase other structures in game.

  3. Clear Materials and Crops Quickly For Space

    Spacing your crops and structures ensure optimal space usage. That of which , you can build more structures or even plant or use additional vegetable patches. You can achieve this by clearing raw materials on the field such as dried tree branches or even picking up rock piles in the process.  Doing these tasks is a double edge sword. Meaning you get two-way achievements. If you pick up dried tree branches you obtain wood and if you pick up rock piles you get stones. Also, you get important experience points if you clear these sections. You can also do the crop harvest and clear the patch. After that, you can construct a build on it. You can also gather up your crops or harvest on a single patch to maximize space usually.

  4. Time The Harvest and Do jobs Efficiently

    Another trick for island experiment gamers would be timing the harvest. Why would you do this? Upgraded fields would be trickier and would certainly have grant you to queue longer jobs. However you should time the jobs and utilize the short-term jobs first. Of course, set the longer-term jobs at the end of the day or before you log off the game. By doing so, you have optimal crop and job timing.

  5. Focus your Strengths on the Main Missions

    Traverse and complete main missions for the sake of a multitude of reasons. One of which is you earn coins and gems. And don’t forget the very important aspect you get to have experience. You also get to level up and unlock some bonuses. New buildings are up for grabs as you complete them. And what not, additional spaces for buildings or spaces for your crops to proliferate on. Further in the process you also get to obtain keys which are like diamonds in game. Meaning they are hard to locate or find. Our Island experiment hack can get you further the main mission quickly.

  6. Methods to Madness

    Other methods for island experiment would be explained in this portion. One of which is Fog clearing. This method grants you vision on the island and makes the island map soothing to the eyes. Line-up your similar structures in groups. This makes you more efficient and you can keep track of how many structures of the same type you have. Plus, it easier for the eyes to count. Explore them caves. You can uncover some treasures by digging them up.

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Island Experiment:Additional Tips and Tricks

Connect your facebook account and acquire gems ready to use in game. Share your resources such as coins or even items like shovel with your friends. Your online friends can request tools and if you have them you can gift it to them. You can wander outside or away from your island through some quests. Take advantage of these rare quests to explore new gems and coins. Achievements also play an important role as noted by writerparty. As quoted “Achievements are a great way to earn free gems, as well as other prizes and other goods. Go to the trophy icon (the achievements menu button) to see what you can complete, and to collect the rewards from the ones that are complete.”

And that’s the WRAP!…

Unfortunately, we have to end this informative and Island Experiment guide and let you decide whether to partake on Island Experiment awesome adventures. We urge not to abuse our Island Experiment online cheats guide.

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This Island Experiment article is a satire content which aims entertain Island Experiment players which are bored with their daily Island Experiment grind. These tools are for educational purposes only support the Island Experiment game developers. Feel free to try the presented Gems and Coins giveaway below!..



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