Homescapes Hack – Best Way to Cheat – Coins, Stars for Android & Ios

Homescapes Hack: A different Approach to Cheat and Win at Homescapes

Are you searching for a viable Homescapes hack? Well, we all know about homescapes app from playstore, it is a close rendition of the popular game gardenscapes. Get to know Austin the very hard-working butler. Austin has been successful giving gardenscapes  the justice it requires. However, he is off to a new adventure.

Austin, discovers a dilapidated mansion more like in ruins. Together with his parents he is determined to turn the house into a cozy home! Help Austin reach the pinnacle of success by completing 3-way match puzzles along the way.

Spice-up Austin new abode and turn it to a dazzling piece of art.

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Homescapes Game Guide: Hack Your Way with 3 Easy Tips and Tricks

The quest for greatness never stops here whilst searching for Homescapes hack for android or even ios is pretty enticing it could also be frustrating.  Let us examine a nifty guide for homescapes on the section below.

1.Spot Combo Opportunities 

There are a lot of opportunities to take advantage of especially with a puzzle game like homescapes.  The game is all about matching pieces. We have broken down some special matching situations which you might want to consider while dabbling with the game.

  • Paper Planes

These are combined matched pieces forming a square.  Paper planes obliterates pieces one or two squares away. when tapped on. Do note, that as an extra paper plane fly and choose a randomized piece to remove.

  • Rockets

You can combine four pieces in a row or column  and it will obliterate the entire pieces either in a horizontal or vertical manner. Of course it depends on how the rocket is formed.

  • Bomb

Combine 5 pieces to form a right angle or L-shape. Bombs obliterate pieces as far as  three squares from its origin.

  • Rainbow Ball

Combine 5 pieces in a vertical or horizontal manner and you will get a rainbow ball.

  • Maximize Your Boosters

Achieving and forming boosters or power-ups by combining along them the way might be interesting. But what’s more interesting is learning to chain these babies to finish the levels faster. Combining two rainbow balls will clear most of the pieces and help you finish a level. This technique could be also be consider as a homescapes hack which could be rightfully called booster chaining.

Delving further into Booster Chaining

More so, combining a pair of rockets will clear pieces both horizontally and vertically. Furthermore, pair-up a plane and bomb, watch it fly and reach it bombing destination. Pairing-up a rainbow with any booster or power-up will create replicas of the paired power across the puzzle board. An explicit example of this is you pair-up a rainbow ball with a bomb. Consequently this will result to a replica of bombs across the puzzle board.

2.Efficiently Use your Coins

Whilst its tempting to splurge all your coins at early entry points of the game, its best to calm yourself and save them for better situations. Coins provide value for the game and allows you to do the following.

  • Buy boosters and Health
  • Spend on furniture
  • Spend on extra moves

You might want to know how to get homescapes coins quickly. Here’s a nifty hack for you, opt to play regularly and complete the tasks before the day ends. Completing levels will award you trickles of coins. Additionally rewards for logging in daily will be given. Be patient and you will be rewarded. Spend your coins with great wisdom, if you don’t need it might as well ditch it. A great example of this is when you are completing a level, you feel the need to use extra coins for extra moves. The ultimate way to save coins is to wait it out and plan your moves ahead.

3.Play with your friends

Of course, with every android and ios game maximizing efficiency means doing whatever it takes to get ahead. A good strategy would be connecting the facebook app and inviting your friends to play with you. You can also form teams and get stronger on higher levels. A thousand coins will be up for grabs after you connect your facebook account.

homescapes hack proof

And that’s the WRAP!…

Dabbling on Homescapes hack and cheats might be an exciting feat. More so on the idea of unleashing unlimited coins and stars. However, we need to do a little bit of research on the available mods or hack apks for homescapes.

A special section for these tools would be available soon in this article. For the meantime like and share this post to let others know!


This Homescapes article revolves around satire content which aims entertain Homescapes players which are bored with their daily Homescapes grind. These tools and tips are for educational purposes only support the Homescapes game developers and buy their products.



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