Hempire Hack – Best Way to Cheat – Cash And Diamonds for Android & Ios

Hempire Hack: A Guide to A Whole new level of Hempire Cheats

A fantasy game which incorporates cops, weeds and goons. Hempire emulates an environment full of hostility when it comes to its story line. Here at topviphack We would love to provide you a scorching Hempire hack structured for your needs.

A Short Intro To Hempire

Hempire’s main objective is to let weed lovers be involved in a virtual world of hemp growing, that is without the offline danger of getting caught. It emulates the real world threat of anyone’s weed growing fantasy with a mix of unscrupulous cops who might want a piece of the profit. Additionally, crooked individuals who also want a dividends from your weed growing business.

Other Highlights

Aside from weed growing, you will have the opportunity to, spend your profits on property and real-estate. Decorate your own properties and even do some baking! Yes baking your own hemp cookies that is! The multiplayer twist is all but interesting. This option allows you to socialize and compete with other hempire players.

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Hempire Quick Tips and Easy Tricks Guide: Custom Hacks and Cheats.

At first growing your own virtual weed seems a plausible idea. Planting different strains, fighting for property and acquiring assets in-game might seem mundane if you don’t have a solid game plan to dominate the game. Today, we will share you some tips for android and ios and how to hack hempire.

1. Grow and Breed Like there’s no tomorrow

  • Growing Tips – Growing weeds or strains could be achieved by properly watering the plants. Furthermore, watering properly rewards you with additional buds to sell afterwards and even cutting the maturity time for each strain. Thus, it gives the extra efficiency to dominate hempire game much faster.
  • Breeding Tricks – The breeding process is a no-brainer. You just need to pair-up two different strains and then it produces another type of yield which could be sold for a much higher price. On a side note combining two identical strains will result to a higher property level. These properties are potency, aroma and pain.

Be sure to check out our strain guide below to discover more cheats and hacks for Hempire.

2.Learn What to Upgrade

There are a couple of useful structures which you can build while playing hempire. One of which is Grandma’s House, Bakery, and Factory(Oil/Cannabis).  Upgrading one of these will give a needed boost which depends on your purpose. Most likely, upgrading the bakery would be a viable option in-case you opt to bake and sell which will give you trickles of profit along the way. Do perform a quick run-down of the materials needed for the upgrade by hovering your fingers and doing a long-press on the building you aim to upgrade.

3. Observe Special Events

There are a couple of situations in hempire which you might give you an edge. One of these , is W.O.W or the longer version would be weed on wheels. What does it do? Weed on wheels grants you access to clients in-game. These clients will buy or order from you and you can set the price ceiling. Process orders and set a price ceiling which ain’t too high and too low. Just try to go mid-range and you can sell Items Quick!

  • Weed on Wheels Special Cases – A special event which pops up every now and then you these are time-bound. You need to complete these and you can obtain a variety of prizes which could be useful for you. One of which is cash and another one might fertilizers or even more! The starting task is completing fifty trades at the very least.
  • Other Special tasks – Some simple events might give cash and items in-game. However, bare in mind that you should opt for item-centered events. These events speed-up your earning potential.


Strain Guide: A Master’s Guide to Breeding Legendary Buds

Here’s a shortlist of reliable combination to uncover some strains you wished you had before. Remember to the format are as follow Father strain + Mother Strain = New Breed.

hempire strain guide

hempire strain guide by gameskinny

You might want to get a handful of these strains and upgrade them to max levels and see the magic!


hempire hack proof

hempire hack proof

Conclusion Time!…

We have uncovered some valuable guide for hempire. Hack your way through and re-kindle your passion for weed. A suitable Hempire hack might cross your mind once in a while. We might unleash a mod or hack apk pretty soon so stay tuned for more.

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This Hempire article is a satire content which aims entertain Hempire players which are bored with their daily Hempire grind. These tools and tips are for educational purposes only support the Hempire game developers. Feel free to try leave us a comment if you liked this article.



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