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Get ready and channel your interior designing skills. Design Home from crowd star inc, gets you through the fantasy of decorating every interior detail of your home. More so, it suits you, if you are an interior designer by profession. you can live up your real life interior designing battles in a virtual designing escape! A designer by heart or profession Design home brings out the edgy interior designer in you.

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design home wallpaper playstore images

design home wallpaper playstore images


Design Home gives you the freedom to choose different interior designing styles. Ranging from contemporary, traditional, minimalist, medieval or even breakthrough the norm and piece-together a unique style of your own! Design not just one but different homes all at the same time while unlocking them along the process. Chill and monitor your progress while honing your interior designing skills. Participate on design challenges everyday and choose every bit of material displayed on every part of your house. Did you always wanted a custom living room? How about a bed room of your own choice? Design home offers a wide range of custom designs for each! Connect with your friends via facebook and share your proud designing moments with them.

DESIGN HOME HACK GUIDE: 3 Design Home Tips and Tricks to Get the Edge You’ve Always Wanted!

Design Home really does live up to its name. It gives you various opportunities to virtually realize different designs and practice them at will. Starting up, does require some basic knowledge. We can’t just splurge and buy and furniture we want. Or even, put out random stuff inside a living room. We need a basic understanding how Design Home works. So we present you some Design Home hacks and tips to abide by.

  1. Voting and Checking out Competition

    Through-out the game you will be given the chance to vote on what’s hot or not upon some design selections presented to you. These designs are of course by other players.  Not only do you acquire 3 keys per 5 votes you also get the chance to learn from other’s players designs. Bare in mind the you should accumulate 25 keys to present your own design to other players. You could also learn a thing or two when it comes to improving your designing skills. Check out the designs with the highest rated stars. Furthermore, the more stars they get , the more that you should adapt to their designing techniques. Checking out your competition give you the idea of what’s hot or not as foretold earlier. Of course, standing out doesn’t hurt but do it with style!

  2. Excelling at Design Challenges

    Design Challenges makes the game all the more exciting as it gives plays with your interior designing skills and creativity. Each challenges, has it’s own target goals. You need to make use of the items that you already have or even purchase the ones that you don’t have. Design challenge completion relies on certain factors. Sometimes you just need a set of item or several of its kind. Even, at times you are required to mix and match colors! Don’t consume too much time and get the required look and feel of the challenge and move on! Well you can throw in some nice art piece or cheap lamp but do it sparingly.

  3. Minimalism at its finest

    Being a minimalist certainly puts you to the edge. Why? Because, design home do award minimalists. Especially with the design challenges. Sometimes, putting together certain things which aren’t really needed will make the design a bit tacky. Additionally, placing bulkier furniture will clutter things up. In the end, sticking to the objective and being minimal on expenditures does it. Furthermore, you could save up some cash on things which are required over and over again on challenges. Choosing different colors makes it more colorful. Yes sure it does! However, keeping the colors well-blended does the trick!

minimalist look by needpix

minimalist look by needpix – Check out this inspiring applicable for your minimalist needs!


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design home hack proof

design home hack proof

Extra Tips For every Design Home Player!

  • Opt for Design Challenges which give out the most important or sky-rocketing rewards
  • Hover through the rewards of some challenges. Who knows you can get the things necessary for the other challenges.
  • The same goes with checking out challenges with utterly same item requirements. Try to finish these challenges consecutively if you can!
  • Setup your own designing system. This means you run through a course of actions or step-by-step list before each challenges to make things faster!
  • You Friends can aid you with items for challenges. Do this nifty trick on challenges so you want spend another dime.
  • Calculate your risks when it comes to challenges. Bare in mind that if you can’t complete some target goals don’t risk up spending on it unless you are ready to lose some cash/diamonds.
  • Utilize your cash or spend your cash mostly. There are some items/furniture that could be haggled with cash. So do save up your diamonds for the best items in-game.
  • Indulge on Daily Challenges. These are a treat to participate-in a splurge of dollars are in the shadows for you. You will be in for a surprise of a whooping 2 and a half grand. And there’s more, you get to a have a free-for-all ability to design the room in a whenever you want way!

Conclusions time! WRAP it up!…

Unfortunately, we have to end this informative and DESIGN HOME guide and let you decide whether to partake on DESIGN HOME awesome adventures.


This DESIGN HOME article is a satire content which aims entertain DESIGN HOME players which are bored with their daily DESIGN HOME grind. These tools are for educational purposes only support the DESIGN HOME game developers. Feel free to try the presented Diamonds and Cash giveaway below!..

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