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Battle Boom Hack: An inquisitive Guide To Cheat Battle Boom

Lots of times we have been asked about a viable Battle Boom Hack and its cheating possibilities. However, before we dive in to that we should get to know what is Battle Boom and some of its information. What could be the best place to start our journey into discovering Battle boom other than the playstore itself.

Battle Boom cheats was coming to fruition at topviphack. So take a back seat and witness the magic. But before anything else let’s delve into some of battle boom’s features below.

Commander We Are Ready to Engage!

Form a formidable deck of troops and ravage the battlefield with your uncanny militaristic strategies. There are a variety of cards to form and collect. So its safe to say that battle boom give you endless possibilities with regards to forming an elite battle formation. To be more precise 70 plus collectible cards are up for grabs!

Brute Force vs Sheer Outwit!

Decide whether to use brute strength and muscle your way through enemies defense. Or even use the tiniest resources available to you!  Use tanks, or even troops. Spread a variety of attacks both land and air! Outwit the enemies with battle boom’s features such as hidden land mines and such!

Exciting Modes

Other than the individual player vs player environment which comes packed with one versus one and two versus scenarios. Battle boom boasts of a clan system and leader boards. Both of which makes it more exciting to reach the pinnacle. Furthermore, there are ranked, casual and guerrilla modes available which are good for developing new strategies along the way.

Battle Boom Hack Tips: A Handy Guide to Master the Basics!

Battle Boom is all about planning and strategising.  So hacking your way to battle boom is necessary to get an edge. There are tons of battle boom hack guides out there. However their claims are quite false and sometimes a pretense. Here at topviphack you will be guided step by step. Now, let use examine some useful tips and tricks for Battle boom.

  1. Focus your strength on the Basics 

    Every  game has its own mini-tutorial at the very beginning. Often times players miss out on these. Such mini-intros should be taken into great consideration as it teaches the very core of the game. What we really mean is the beginning marks the ending. This states what you would be doing repeatedly to get stronger and progress through out the game. One of the basics is how you engage on your attacks positioning your long range troops mostly at the rear gives you an edge at most times. On the contrary, having your tanky troops would be best kept at the front lines of the battle. Set your eye on building an efficient strategy to destroy the enemy’s base.

  2. Prepare your Units

    Right at the heart of every battlefield success is planning. Prompt preparation includes arranging your deck properly at the start and middle of the battle. The Map seems small but there are a multitude of skirmishes that will happen a long the way. Knowing when to deploy your units and structures is key to success. A great example would be deploying your units with small battle point requirements at the start of the battle. Afterwards, deploy the big guns at the later stages of the fight. Just to specify, acquire a dead combination of high attack and high health points unit.

  3. Build a Mighty Deck

    Contrary to the heading above building a mighty deck isn’t the only key to success. Counter-offensive is definitely one of the factors. Deploying a tank means you’re enemy can deploy anti-tanks in the process. Deploying a bunker might be good for multiple units but beware anti-tech units and paralyze your structures such as bunkers.

  4.  Partake on Missions and Stages

    Missions and Stages grant you gold in which you can later utilize to build formidable deck formations. More so , stages grant you insights throughout the game. That of which, learning the right unit weakness and strengths. Partake on stages to learn a tantamount of units and use them again each other. XP is earned throughout battles and even completion of missions!

  5. Upgrade Profile and Units!

    We can’t stress enough about the importance of upgrades. Upgrade your profile by engaging in battles doesn’t matter if its 1v1 or 2v2.  By upgrading your profile you get access to later stages of the game. Upgrading your units is of utter importance. However, you need to know and classify them according to importance. Units are classified into four. That of which in numerical order are infantry, structural, machine and support. Infantry unit vary in battle points as said before you need to be careful and choose the lowest among them. This ensure fast deployment. Structural unit comprises of building in which you can deploy your infantry. Support units such as bombs etc, claim to eliminate droves of enemies. Support units could be fatal if used properly. Machine units provide the beef and destroy everything in its path as they have the highest attack and health points in game. Upgrade requirements are shown in-game so by doing comparisons you can get the most out of your upgrades.

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Additional Tips for Battle Boom Cheats

Of course don’t forget to utilize the rewards and events available at battle boom. One which is the daily login and weekly rewards. Be mindful of the the first troop or unit you will deploy. Sometimes its better to deploy a trump card and counter the enemies units afterwards. Do give a casual mode a try it enables you play carefree and choose any deck formation you want. Casual mode’s rightful name enables you not to lose anything will be adventurous with your battle formations!

And that’s the WRAP!…


This Battle Boom article is a satire content which aims entertain Battle Boom players which are bored with their daily Battle Boom grind. These tools are for educational purposes only support the Battle Boom game developers. Feel free to try the presented Gems, Gold giveaway below!.. Share this with your friends we do additional giveaways weekly!


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