Ios Hacks:Game Hacks Overview and Guide


Ios Hacks or game hacks, whatever you call has been an in demand word lately. There has been a large interest on this subject from all walks of life. When you say all walks of life it includes everyone from toddlers to adults. There is a wide range of subjects which could be introduced when we would tackle the word Ios hacks or Ios game hacks. Each questions opens up a unique door to another wealth of information.

However, before we can truly understand the concept of the former and the latter. We should have a brief understanding of the Ios and the Ios system itself. So let’s dive in and discover the realm of ios and its development.

The Ios system has come a long way after its inception. Granted that android “was” developed first before the ios system. However, a lot of debates have arisen whether which came first. We will tackle that later of course. On to the history of Ios!



According to gizmodo, Apple was launched on June 29th of the year 2007. The system was developed and enhanced on each summer over a year.


Os1 was the term used by the late apple founder steve jobs. This was a major revolution back then it was because phones were a bit bulky and heavy. It was later nicknamed Iphone Os Or “Ios” which had a really petite structure much more that of a candy bar. This design had slowly infected the mobile phone market which up to now phones are veered towards that design itself.


The birth of the ios store came from this release dated 2008. This allowed apple to make the ios sdk available to public which was answered joyfully by app developers. This made apple phones more flexible and useful.


This update in 2009 was much more of a tweaking to the already beefed up os2. The advancements had some nice functions that of a desktop “copy paste, tethering, messaging particularly the multi-message system”. The release geared towards increasing third party apps functionality.


Getting excited yet? Well “ios4” has been spectacular compared to the last versions. Why ? It is solely because of the adoption of multi-tasking feature presented in android. The feature was very limited that time and this move secured apple’s position in the market. And don’t forget face-time was introduced in this release.


Lo and behold siri and push notifications. Siri was a laughable concept back then. Picture yourself having an “A.I” (Artificial Intelligence) Assistant which will cater to your needs. These needs, range from scheduling your appointments, reminders and so on. On the other hand, notifications serve a great tool to check every detail every now and then. I would say push notifications for the win! It makes life so easier.


Apple’s very own map from google maps! Along these lines are some weird memory storage for plane ticket bookings! Yep you heard it right. Apple was over optimizing its digital apps and sometimes there aren’t useful! However apple’s intentions was to separate itself from Google in this version.


Ah, the beautician update. Or rather we could rightfully call it. This update leads to user interface traversals. Apple changed apples over-all look to a futuristic flat design. Centralized control for some basic functions like flashlight and such, call it “Glass Control center”.


This could also be called the developer update. Third-party apps loved the update because they can delve deeper into apple’s system and user could also enjoy 3rd-party applications further. And then, there’s the test flight mode which allowed users to entire beta test environments in real time!

There you have it a very brief or rather a small portion of the apple’s version history you could delve deeper into sites like gizmodo and wikpedia for information.


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